The Gentle Persuader

Alena RuggerioProgram Chair Alena Amato Ruggerio teaches persuasion and public speaking. She speaks, writes and teaches at the crossroads of rhetorical criticism, feminist theory and religious studies. Visit her website at


The Thoughtful Interrogator

Garth PittmanGarth Pittman teaches Research Writing, Interviewing and Small Group Communication. His intellectual curiosity focuses on decision-making and leadership in groups.

The Visual Strategist

erik_palmerErik Palmer teaches social media and visual communication. His latest research explores the impact of social photography on the practice of professional media photography. Learn more at

The Lean Storyteller

Andrew Gay teaches creative entrepreneurship and digital cinema. He has written, directed and produced both fiction and documentary films. His research in Lean Screenwriting applies start-up principles to contemporary film production.

The Videogame Roboticist

Precious YamaguchiPrecious Yamaguchi teaches intercultural communication and new media, with a special emphasis on videogame production and culture. Her book on the Japanese American internment was published in 2014.